Thursday, October 06, 2005

Something got finished!

I actually finished something! But wait, you say, that is not a pink cotton cardigan, nor is it a sweater for your husband! What's going on? Well, I am going to London this weekend and going to the Knitted Wedding, and when I e-mailed to say I was coming, I asked about hats, and was encouraged to have a wild hat. But I don't actually have a proper hat, so I made this headband from Kureyon scraps, and I hope it is the right mix of kooky and ... whatever else. It certainly is knitted, that I can tell you! I started with a white band, but once the flowers got going, I realized it was not right and got the grey/black out. What a fine thing to have a bag of tiny little bits of Kureyon... I might even make more doodads for it, who knows...
And about the husband-sweater... All the big pieces have been made for months. I'm sure I was stuck for several weeks wondering if boy buttonholes go on the left or the right. Now that I'm actually doing it, it's insanely boring, and I still have about a meter to go, with buttonholes now!
Mere days before we left Toronto, I was looking at this mostly-finished project and at my unused yarn. I had a bit of a ball and three full 100-g balls of Cotton Fleece, and I knew that was at least two and a half too many, but I couldn't be sure exactly. So I took back 2 balls to the yarn store (exchanging them, as a matter of fact, for the pink cotton!) and kept the third, just in case, and lo and behold, I will need it! Imagine if I'd got this far and then ran out! Phew, I say.
The other knitting in that picture is TSTMMS, or The Sweater That Makes Me Sneeze. I really want to knit it, but it really does make me ill. Maybe a dust mask... I just took it out to admire it, and maybe to knit just a few rows, to reward myself if I ever finish this dang buttonband!

Two old cars. Both Morrises, but the one on the right is a woody! A real woody-wagon with real wood trim! I love it, and we'd spotted it before, but on a camera-less day. I think I will not become a regular photographer of interesting cars, but will stick with post boxes! One eccentricity at a time.

Nor do I have ambitions to take pictures of wildlife, though I saw a bird I wanted to take a picture of the other day. It was lovely with black and white markings and very striking, and I now think it was a magpie. Not thrilling for a real bird enthusiast, I'm sure, but it was very pretty.

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