Thursday, November 10, 2005

This is not my kitchen floor

Very few of you have ever seen my Cambridge kitchen, but let me tell you, it is "cosy" or perhaps we could just say "small." So if one leaves the dishes for a day or two while one is entertaining or dealing with sick kids or just not feeling like doing the dishes, well, it silts in pretty fast! But right now, it is sparkling, you can see countertops all over, and the floor is pretty darn clean! (This is the floor of Ely Cathedral, which I am glad I don't have to wash.) I stopped right where the kitchen floor ends and the carpet in the dining room starts (who the heck puts wall-to-wall carpet in a rental house's dining room!) but I had to leave something to do tomorrow! Or next week... It's hard to keep a house sparkling given things like this: the closest place to plug in the electric lawnmower to do the front handkerchief of lawn is upstairs. So after you've got little cut grass bits all over your feet, you have to go up the carpetted stairs to unplug the machine. One can indeed take one's shoes off, but still bits of grass get up the stairs.

And now, unless I get carried away and try to do laundry, too, I have time to go find those Thursday afternoon Cambridge knitters I've heard of, before going to get the kids who will mess up my kitchen in a snap.

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