Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Project Spectrum in August

A collection of floors (the Louvre, Ely Cathedral, a chapel [St John's?... Actually, we now believe it's Clare] in Cambridge), the beach at Great Yarmouth, and some walls... somewhere. Mostly stone, though I think the reds and golds in Ely must be tiles.

According to plan, I did take my camera out today when I took the kids to the ROM for their summer camp.

There's a big conference on AIDS going on in town here, and this sculpture is just on the streetcorner outside the museum. Stephen Harper is, of course, our prime minister. He didn't show up at this conference, blowing a big chance to be seen doing something, anything...

I also took the camera to the park, where, as usual, the kids tried to run away from me, but with limited success:


  1. Hi Mary - I think that black-and-white chapel floor might be Clare Chapel - is that likely? It's awfully familiar, anyway...

  2. Can you leave the camera in the hands of the kids? Sometimes they have amusing pictures if you can stand the off-kilter horizons!
    I've been knitt knit knitting. Working on a 'Lighthouse' Cloth and have finished (yes, finished!) a moose cloth. Looks great. Now I just have to give it away to someone who wants to do a spot of washing up - :)

  3. Conservatives don't change...

    "An election is no time to discuss serious issues."

    Kim Campbell, 1993

    "Unfortunately, the issue has been so politicized this week that this is probably not the time for us to make additional announcements."

    Stephen Harper, 2006


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