Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday sky, and what we did on Friday

It is rainy and grey, on this last holiday weekend of the summer. There's also an air show on today, and we could see the action from our roof, but who wants to stand out in the drizzle looking at planes fly over? Not me, anyhow.

We saw lots of schmancy aircraft yesterday, when we were out on Centre Island; I guess they were practising. We went to Centreville, a little, very kid-friendly amusement park. We saw this handsome pig in the Far Enough Farm, but they weren't doing pony rides, because the ponies don't like the noise of the air show. We went on the log ride and ferris wheel and bumper boats and carousel and had pizza and ice cream and all that jazz. And saw funnel cakes, which I'd only ever heard of before!

Right by the ferry dock there is a large eucalyptus tree, with a ready-made tree fort space where 4 large trunk-like branches join, and here are my kidlets playing in the tree. Lucky I got that action shot of Elaine's hair swooshing like that!

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