Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday WIP??

Okey doke, folks, there's a bit of a problem with this... Just about the minute I signed up to Wipeout my WIPs, I also said I would knit hats for kids in Oklahoma!

So, I've not got much to say about dealing with old projects, but look at this! It's called Hat #1.

It's kinda boring. I must say that garter stitch in the round is no fun. Next one, I figured, stocking stitch, and I'm going to get a circ instead of using 4 dpns!

Okay, now here's Hat #2! Stocking stitch, a bit less boring, really, but still, those dpns kill me.

So, I really needed to go to the store and buy a new hat-making circular needle.

Well... I did. So look for Hat #3 any moment now. No more grey, either; I'm moving on to dark green!

And I got some yarn to make squares for the school afghan... and I got a gigantic ball of blue wool/acrylic variegated softy scrummy yarn. I will make a top-secret thing out of it, I think!

Ahem, so, really nothing to say about works-in-progress! Stay tuned, and next Wednesday, you'll be dazzled with my WIP Wipeout accomplishments... perhaps!

Now I have to go cook that pumpkin that's wearing the hat and turn it into pie!


  1. Which is your LYS?

    The hats are lovely.

  2. Heather,
    I got today's gems at Knitomatic on Bathurst St.


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