Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday already?

My birthday is in March, but my sister-in-law saw this card and couldn't resist! Little old lady named Mary, knittin'. Happily, my SIL is also named Mary, which is now apparently an old-lady name. Sigh.


  1. Oh that's very cool. Hang it up someplace to make you smile.

  2. Old lady name? Pah! Still a good card though.

  3. that card is hilarious!

    Also, Mary is totally a timeless name. It's not "ethel".

    Also, when I was born, in the part of Germany that I was born in, Lisa was an old lady name and my mom's little brother was all embarrassed for me. Odd, no?

  4. My 15yo is named Mary, as is my littlest's kindergarten teacher and my favorite aunt/godmother. It is a name for all ages!!! Great card. Definitely deserves a frame.

  5. Great card and don't worry my name used to an old lady name too and then came into fashion about 10 years ago and now there are lots of us.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on the sweater and my pots.


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