Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What you might see in February and March

February and March see the beginning of this year's round of Project Spectrum. This time, each colour group gets two months, and to start, we have blue, white and grey. (One of my favourite things about this project is using those cool coloured words!)

I have a bunch of unfinished things in these colours, and since I'm supposed to be finishing up works in progress and knitting from my stash, it makes a ton of sense to do all these things at once!

So, I really, really, for sure, absolutely, will be doing those dang bag handles for the denim bag. I have gone through a billion ideas, but now think a) they have to be knitted from the denim yarn and b) they can't be i-cord, since that would be too narrow. So, I'm looking at some stitches in my little bookie, and might do stamen stitch, flat, about an inch and a half wide. I'm not looking forward to this, but I shall do it, since I think the bag will be ultra cool, ultimately. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but the balls of yarn are actually dusty from sitting on my bedside table since July.

I also have this single sock which needs a mate. Nice colour, nice yarn, nice pattern (simple yet elegant, I'd say!). So, no problemo.

Just need to finish the present sock, which is done down to the end of the gusset, and I'll be right on it. You can almost certainly see that my two socks will be made from different dye lots. I bought one ball on sale, and months later found another ball. Arthur's feet now need more than 50 g of sock yarn. I think I'll make the second leg from the same ball and switch when needed for the last few inches of the foot.

There's also this scarf, which, being slightly fuzzy, makes my kids sneeze. Pub knitting, if only I spent more time in the pub. Definitely lower priority, since it's a sort of make-work project.

That's probably enough blue, though I could start something new, of course.

And I have some grey Lopi, perfect for a hat or two, with a yellow stripe, perhaps.

I could go digging in the closet to find more yarn, but I think this is a doable quantity, and there's no need for me to burden myself with more!

Here's a Knit from Stash dilemma for you: I have 3 balls of red cotton left over from Elaine's dress. Should I take them back and get something more useable? I think that's perfectly legal, and since we're all making our own rules for this thing, that's what counts. I think another ball or two of Felted Tweed would be just the ticket.

And can anyone tell me why the clicked photos end up SO big? I think it's a feature of the new Blogger!


  1. Wow, those photos sure are big! I couldn't resist trying a click or to, just to see what you were talking about. Can't offer any helpful solutions, I'm afraid.

  2. For sure take the red back and get something fun. Good to see you resurrecting the blue denim bag!


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