Friday, November 30, 2007

This just makes me happy

You know, I've been a bit busy with You Tube lately. There are several reasons for this... none of which is very reasonable! But, I've been enjoying Morecambe and Wise immensely. (If you have limited time, I'd suggest the Grieg Piano Concerto, or perhaps Positive Thinking. No, the Breakfast Sketch is a must-see, and you don't want to miss the Secret to Long Life! Ooooh.... )

So, then, one becomes curious about the performers; one looks at other web pages; finally one finds the marvellous Eric Morecambe statue at the seaside in Morecambe! (One just links, rather than stealing the picture... ) Lots of famous people get statues, perhaps, but wouldn't it be lovely to be remembered for the excellence of one's skipping!?

And, I just can't blog without a picture, so I'll show you what I dug out of the closet this morning!

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