Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vesuvio in the snow, and other things

February and March have been the months of fire in this year's version of Project Spectrum. I have not really been paying attention, but when we flew out west, I took this funny stretchy wool (the red is even called Vesuvio -- how's that for fiery?) that I got long ago when Mary Mary Quite Contrary was getting rid of yarn.

I used a lot of the yarn she gave me for charity blankets and this red and black vest was destined to be sent to Zimbabwe, but Elaine may have claimed it! It's a tad short on her, but being made of super stretchy yarn, it'll fit around anyone... It may yet get in the box, but I've decided to make a simple vest of my leftovers of Denim, just in case!

Not very exciting so far, is it?

It's going to have a bit of garter stitch checked texture on the front, but otherwise just straight stocking stitch. I have only a few balls, so I'll do what I can. A few stripes of lighter denim may find their way in.

Wait and see....

I've been working on the ribbed socks with the Kaffe Fassett yarn. One down, one barely started, and there is in fact a deadline on these babies. There's nothing like a sock-knitting deadline to get one thinking of other projects...

I got started with the Felted Tweed, on the cardigan with wacky stripes. The original has mohair and angora bits, and I did think of getting some fuzz to add in, but decided this was not the occasion for getting yet more yarn! There are stripes of garter chevrons, stocking stitch chevrons, and some multicoloured straight bits.

I ... don't like it.... I don't know if it's the colours together, or the tweediness/texture thing, or what. But last night I saw this great shawl at Mustaa Villaa, and I'm thinking a lot about that! I think great spreads of these colours would be better than the bitsy-ness of this sleeve.

Ah well, finally both kids are back in school after March Break, so I have time to, you know, get the kitchen straightened up and the towels washed and maybe a bit more knitting now and then!


  1. I like the look of that shawl... Wibbo


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