Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get down, baby!

Took a break from whatever I was doing this week, and made a Disco Queen Baby Surprise Jacket.

It needs glittery buttons, don't you think?

I mailed the blue socks to my dad for his birthday, and they fit and he has worn them. So, hooray for socks. Now, my mom's birthday is in July, and she's only going to be 88, not 90, but I think she might qualify for a knitted gift as well. I'm thinking shawl right now, but her birthday is not really in shawl season. But, who cares... she'll need it some day, and that's what I want to knit, and maybe socks, but not right now, but I might change my mind, but.... oh, never mind me...


  1. Ever decisive, that's you!

    You want to be careful with disco queen garments; if you slap glittery buttons on that thing, I reckon Arthur will be away with it, baby-size or no... ;)

  2. This is hysterical. I love it!


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