Monday, April 28, 2008

Progress report

My Gee's Bend baby blanket is coming along.

The square on the top now has a sideways strip out to the right, which will likely continue on the whole width. I'm beginning to worry about my yarn quantities, so I think I'll be as efficient as I can. Strips knitted in between the squares, bound off in the middle, as obvious seams. Whatever little border I can contrive.

I got another book from the library! My oh my, I might have to take up sewing! Gorgeous! So much inspiration! Ahhhh!


  1. Oh, wow, I am *loving* the baby blanket!! That's really inspirational; I might need to do one of my own! Hmm, after Lizard Ridge though, maybe... The book looks seriously cool too, but then, I already have a stash of quilting fabrics...

  2. Wow; simply fantastic. I've had fun with some squares using short rows and slipped stitches, inspired by some that Horst Schulz did.

  3. They look lovely, Mary, and the colours are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful - I'm thinking of Curve of Pursuit for my next baby blanket, but this knitted Gees Bend is really nice.

  5. Absolutely stunning...I love the colours and the varied widths and angles....


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