Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dang curling edges

The pictures I took from the front weren't so steady -- it's a grey mizzly day. Maybe I should have tried balancing the camera on my head facing front....

Anyhoo, look at that curling edge! (And look at that groovy one sleeve!)

I will sew my ends in, and block the heck out of it, but I think I'll also be adding some more weight to that edge.

Why do I fall for this over and over: three stitches of non-curling knitting won't stop the stocking stitch body from trying to roll itself up!

I'll do a proper photo shoot when all is well. (Like, get someone else to take the pictures!) They say I can stick my head through the arm hole, but I haven't quite sorted that out, style-wise, y'know...

1 comment:

  1. I *love* the fabric that is making! Completely in line with what I want to be knitting right now: it looks tweedy, cushy and sturdy all at once.. Siiigh..

    I'd love to see a photo with your head through the arm hole. I bet either of your two young assistants would be willing photographers for such an adventure, too!


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