Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Done, after 3 years

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I started knitting a bunch of squares. At the time I meant to make 77 and make a full-length blanket for a single bed. Well, you know how these things go...

I've had 49 squares knit up and sewn together for ages, but only recently bit the bullet and edged the thing, thanks to the One Day a Week for UFOs group on Ravelry. I realised that I didn't have to accomplish the whole giant task at once, but could make real progress just by doing a bit at a time. Profound, eh?

All I really had to do was pick up the edge stitches and knit a bunch of garter stitch. And it's no hardship to knit garter stitch with a light but warm bundle of wool on your lap.

So, here we have it! (Too bad about that shadow, and too bad I cut off the bottom corner.) It's been declared the blanket one would sit under while listening to an audiobook, perhaps Harry Potter.

Most of the squares come from this book by Jan Eaton (Ravelry link). I have a few favourites, including this, which I believe is called Morse Code.

The crazy thing is, the other day I was looking at some sub-sections of stash and thinking I would knit another bunch of squares and make another blanket! Next time, I would try to limit myself to a few patterns. I like the hodge-podge, but I might like more ordered, too. That's the beauty of the afghan, isn't it?

But seriously, I'm not starting that project just now...

I have started something new, though perhaps temporarily.

I was knitting this on the bus and while watching the Inauguration (with commentary by Ann and Kay streamed live into my computer) and I finally realised my needles are just too small for this yarn, so we might be ripping it. Ah, time for a new beginning and all that.


  1. It looks great and well done on the finish Mary!

  2. Congratulations - sometimes that last bit is just a killer. The Barbara Walker Learn to Knit afghan book is fun and you can limit the colors to make it less patchwork if you want. Not that I am suggesting such a thing.


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