Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring will someday come

It's the time of year when I begin to complain about the weather. I'll likely continue for some months before taking a break. It's an annual tradition, it seems.

This year I am collecting evidence.

Here we have the ravine near Arthur's school, taken Feb 17th. In another couple of weeks I'll try again. We'll have some whoop-de-do when greenness becomes visible, lemme tell you!

I often wonder about those first Europeans who came here, spent a lousy winter, and then more winter, and more and more! What kinda world had they come to?! Sheesh.


  1. Trust me, Spring is coming, my early daffodils are really getting the hang of it now, you can see the yellow bud willing itself to burst.
    My lovely skein arrived this morning too and yes it does look like Spring, thanks so much :)x

  2. Woollywarbler: I'm impressed it got there so soon! Enjoy your daffodils -- we'll get to those eventually!

  3. some of us do early spotting of flowers and on Palmerston there is a witch hazel that sometimes blooms in February and winter aconite and snowdrops that do as well.
    And yes I've often wondered who wrote those letters back home and said...hey come on over it's great!!! Must have been something really terrible back home.


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