Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous

One blanket down, and on to the next.

I told you a while ago that I am organising a blanket with Elaine's classmates. The kids, and a few parents and teachers, are making squares for a blanket for the principal's baby, expected this summer. We will give it to her sometime in the last week of school, so we now have about a month to get things all together.

I figure if we have 36 6-inch squares, that'll be a fine covering for any wee child. We now have 19. Not far to go, and if we only get 25 or 30, we'll be fine.

I added those brightly coloured tidbits to some of the "squares" to make them actually square. (Thank goodness for nona, wherever she now is.) The green flowers, or snowflakes, or whatever, on the far left, are actually holding dropped stitches from unravelling all the way down.

This will be a sentimental favourite, I am sure. Honestly, a bunch of kids making a blanket for their prinicipal!? She will love it.

It just makes me nervous having all those wiggly edges and enormously varying gauges and funny cast-off knots.



  1. Oh, but a baby blanket made by teh kids for their principal *should* have wiggly edges and different gauges. And I **love** the 'dropped stitches' solution - perfect!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this and am near tears. What a wonderful, kind, sweet gift!


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