Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The long weekend in BC

A wee bit of jetlag here... I'm not used to this jet-setting, cross-the-continent-for-a-weekend lifestyle! We were waking up at 6 am in BC, and spent all yesterday in various airports and planes, getting home just before midnight. So, deep breath and carry on....

Our accomplishments over the weekend include going to the park, throwing rocks in the river, filling a slide with gravel and eating dinner. Oh, and watching lots of Food Network shows at 6 am.

The park. The pink trees and the colours of the waterpark perk up this green and blue quite nicely, don't they?

Happy, smiling children. They must be up to something...

Ah, filling shoes with rocks and dumping them down the little slide. How ingenious.

Arthur tossing a large rock. This sort of thing would keep the children happy for hours!

Trees: a pink one, and an oak.

It was good to see everyone. Actually, we just caught brief glimpses of one sister who drove a long way to get there, coming down with a cold on the way. I don't mind the odd cold germ, but it wouldn't do to introduce it to the seniors' residence. Not much of a fun weekend for her.... We visited my other sister and did a few word puzzles.

A good time was had by all.

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  1. When my nephew was visiting, we spent hours and hours in a park like that where water shoots down a raceway. bottle caps, straws, you name it, they can race each other, as I'm sure you know. Looks like a fine if short trip.


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