Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tomorrow you get a break from this nonsense

I believe that there is a gap in the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals tomorrow night.

Monday night gave us, I'd say, a bunch of meh. Flawless were okay, but really, not as good as Diversity the night before. They got the popular vote and are through to the finals.

The next two places were Shaun Smith and Gareth the ventriloquist! Shaun, great; Gareth, well, not to my taste... Luckily the judges agreed with me, but Shaun's A-Levels schedule will be all messed up by him having to perform some more!

Jamie did not make the cut, but perhaps that was partly because of his song choice. Also, just, in my opinion, not as good as at the audition. Merlin was death-defying and didn't die (it must be nice to be in a business where every day you don't die is a successful day).

The Hot Honeyz and Peter Coghlan were blah, and now I can't even remember the other performer! Oh, yes, DJ Talent in a gold suit. (makes barfing noises off-stage...) You can see them all on the ITV site.

Tonight seems to be:

The Barrow Boys -- good fun
Ben and Becky -- yay
Floral High Notes -- nope
Harmony -- nope
Kayode Oresanya -- could be good, but has to be a big improvement on his audition
MD show group -- a bunch of kids in wild makeup, could be good
Shaheen Jafargholi -- clear winner
Stavros Flatley -- more good fun

My picks for tonight: Shaheen, Ben and Becky, and MD Show Group.

Although, last night Piers and Amanda said they wanted more "variety" acts to be considered, so maybe the Barrow Boys or Stavros Flatley will get a nod. Nah, I'll stick to my original choices.

Now, can anyone explain Ant and Dec to me? Are they meant to be funny, or are they just doormen?

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  1. The only thing I know about Ant and Dec is that Ant is the one on the left and Dec on the right. Apparently, they always stand this way so that folk know which one is which. It's certainly the only way I'd ever know.

    Yes, I think they are supposed to be funny though I suspect it's not actually in the contract (if it is then they're in deep do-dos, aren't they?).


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