Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You guys are so bossy

Okay, okay, I'll get to work on my nice cotton top. Sheesh.

But I had to dig around in the cushion of the comfy chair to find my cable needle, and that led to vacuuming and moving the couch and everything! Sheesh.

I have actually accomplished two of my July goals already. I finished the square and the socks! The square has gone to the bag o' squares and will eventually get some companions to make a blanket, but for now I am trying to ignore it.

The sock got done Tuesday, and it was a squeaker, I tell you!

The first sock weighed in at 50 grams, so I knew I had very little leeway with the second, and the ball had a knot in it! This is all the yarn I had to kitchener the toe, and even so, the second sock is 2 rows shorter in the toe than the first. Arthur says he doesn't notice. Good lad.

So, today will take me to Mary Maxim for dishcloth cotton, and then you'll see some action! (Oh, right, the summer top first, and then the dishcloth...)

And speaking of action, we went out to Toronto Island on the weekend and went sailing. The ferries are not running because of our city workers' strike, but the yacht club runs a tender. And this woman was knitting on the tender! Boy, was she knitting -- hot pink huge yarn on silver Addi huge needles. Stephen kindly kinneared her for me, since my view was impeded.

I saw her later in the day and talked to her a bit. I said I had just brought a sock, and she replied that she couldn't knit socks, she could just knit in straight lines. To each her own.

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  1. Well done on getting the socks and square finished :-) I look forward to seeing the summer top finished as well LOL


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