Monday, August 10, 2009

More acres of mesh

I am meshing away. I can truly imagine that I will have a finished beach cover-up sweater by the end of the summer.

The stitch is not hard to remember -- basically it is a purl row, and then *yo, slip1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1* rows, staggered. (There, I have given you all you need to know!) It does get boring after a while! At least I have the stripes.

The pattern calls for a great honkin' hood, with a tassel, no less! I will see how things go. Not sure one needs a hood on a mesh summer garment, in fact.

Also, I think it will add to the riding-up difficulty, which might be large in any case with this thing. This "neck" is very deep; I haven't even started the sleeve shaping yet! I will put a narrow band around the front opening and stick a few tiny unobtrusive buttons on.

I continue to monitor Ebay, but have learned a few things. Recently I saw a Pacific Coast Highway go for a huge sum of money, with the price doubling in the last few minutes. Darn those E-snipers (although I wasn't bidding on it). And then to learn they could just go to Amazon and get one for $59.... I think the one on the weekend went for 79 pounds! And I see that just now another sold for $137.50. Wow. Well, very interesting indeed.

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  1. You are an amazing knitter. I so wish we lived closer, so I could learn from you!


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