Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not quite!

I'm just tending to some last minute packing and feeding and sweeping and arranging here. Not only are we fleeing the city for a week, but we have to leave the house habitable because a friend will use it for a few days while we are gone.

And, well, there is a lot more to finishing a garment than just knitting all the bits! I just have to sew on a sleeve, do a bit of edging on the front bit, sew all the ends in and block the heck out of it. Pah, a moment's work.

However, I don't have a moment right now, so that'll be my entertainment tonight, I suppose. I won't have internet, or indeed a computer, while we're gone, so just keep your shirts on and I'll show you in a week or so. School starts on the 8th! Whoopee!

ETA: Okay, do you think that this unfinished project, a pair of half-made socks and 200g of Magpie for a new sweater for Elaine will be enough?? What if it rains all the time? We are taking Monopoly, but I'd have to knit while playing to maintain my cool...


  1. NO!! Better throw in some sock yarn, just to be safe.

  2. happy travels you. when you come back, you must go here and see postboxes. you must!


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