Friday, December 04, 2009

Amaryllis watch, 2009

One thing I like about the Christmas season is the amaryllis! We put lights on the house and we put up a tree a week or two before the 25th, but we don't go all out with decorations around the house. I have never really got on with poinsettias -- messy once they start to go, and for me, impossible to revive after the initial colourful display. But an amaryllis is a marvel! You buy a box with a pot, a gigantic bulb and a puck of dehydrated growing medium, and a few weeks later you get this great big fantastic looking flower! With the promise of more to come!

This is what my amaryllis looked like on Thursday.

And this is what it looked like Friday morning.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


  1. beautiful! i love amaryllis!

  2. Amazingly beautiful! One of my favorite childhood memories was growing an amaryllis before Christmas.

  3. From marigolds to Amaryllis - they are amazing, aren't they? I often buy a bunch for "emergency gifts" and hope no one shows up that needs one.


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