Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to self re: PD James

I must have read every PD James book in our local library.

I often pick one up, thinking it has somehow escaped me in the past, and take it home, only to discover about 20 pages in that I know that scene, that minor character, that road by the ocean.

I always plug on, because I can't remember who the bad guy is or even who gets murdered, why they were murdered, what thrilling end game we will be treated to. I am now reading, for at least the second time, but perhaps even the third, one called Devices and Desires.

As I always need a picture, I give you two possibly dangerous items from my very own collection. Which might be the weapon: the cricket bat once discarded by neighbours who were moving, or the 100-year-old soup ladle, once owned by my Dutch grandmother? (I hope to see short stories featuring a soup ladle as a murder weapon appearing soon!)

And now I think I have to venture out in the cold to pick up Elaine from a birthday party. The birthday girl generously asked guests not to bring gifts for her, but donations for Haiti!

That doesn't stop me whining about having to go out in the cold.


  1. Oh that is me. I love PD James. Is Devices and Desires the one with the knitting needle weapon? (Or something like that)

  2. Have you tried inter-library loan? You could have the lovely folks at TPL ship books all over the city for you, only to find you'd read them before. That would be fun!

  3. Madeleine sent me. What a great post! PD James always does that to me, too.

    Have you tried Georgette Heyer's mysteries (she wrote about 9 of them, all her other books are romances).


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