Sunday, February 28, 2010

La la la la LA la

Let me tell you, this is a proud moment!
I ktog'd the last three stitches yesterday afternoon, hid my ends, dunked 'er and stretched 'er, and this morning we're all dry and ready to go!

Knitting gold for me!


Let me give you the full details of this accomplishment:

I started Birch in December or January, and by the 4th of January I had knit from 299 stitches down to 279. Then it sat around for weeks, and I meant to get it done sometime before now, but was distracted by the Skiers and those pre-Olympic socks!

I had planned to knit children's socks for the Olympics, but then I realised I had to finish them and mail them to San Francisco for March 1, so I did them first, finishing them on the 13th, the day after the Olympics started.

In the days leading up to the opening ceremonies, I toyed with various ideas, and finally put myself on Stephanie's list as knitting a really nice cardigan which I fully mean to knit one day, perhaps after I've swatched and got more appropriate yarn! But my coach (the good angel who sits on my shoulder occasionally) directed me to stick with a sport I knew something about, and not go running off to become a figure skater when really I'm a snowboarder. Or whatever.

And so I knit on Birch again! And knit and knit and knit, and the rows did get shorter and shorter and shorter! Once you're down below 100 stitches a row, things do happen fast. The repeats fly off the needles, as it were.

Whoo hoo! (Also, the Canadian athletes are doing really well, and we got 3 gold medals yesterday, 13 golds all together so far [one more to come, I'm sure] and any one from any country who can ski in those gloomy, damp, wretched conditions of a wet February day up Whistler deserves an extra medal!)

See you all at the game this afternoon! A little more cross-border rivalry for the hockey gold... Bring it on!


  1. hooray for the gold medal and one amazingly beautiful finished object!!! your birch is stunning!
    did you have a medal ceremony at home? i picture you wrapped up in your birch singing "oh canada!" while the crowd goes wild!!!!

    enjoy the hockey game - we'll be watching too!!

  2. Wow, that deserves a Platinum medal, let alone Gold. I adore the yarn and the pattern.

  3. this is stunning...great job! Definitely medal worthy.

  4. That is one beautiful shawl, congrats on the gold! I got one too :)
    Canada did such a great job hosting these games (and winning all those medals!), it has been a great couple of weeks.

  5. Hey Gold for you and hockey boyz! Congrats.

  6. Wow!!! Girl you are good, and such fine work to.

  7. Congratulations on your Gold Medal winner. Beautiful!!

  8. The large pictures don't nearly show the beauty of this as much as the smaller ones! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous, and your work is wonderful. Great job!

  9. Very nice! Canada was a very gracious host and congrats on the hockey! And on your very own gold medal, good listening to your coach :)

    But what is the "unblocked" photo background?


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