Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funhouse mirror

I picked up this abandoned teapot the other day. There was a big line of ancient masking-tape glue across it, which we took off with alcohol, and I gave it a nice polish with Twinkle. Now I think it will sit on our shelf looking delightful.


  1. Wow that is elegant! Looks more like a coffee pot to me though from the shape.

  2. The wonders of Twinkle! Looks great and I agree...I think it is a coffee pot. Any numbers insignia on the bottom? And sterling or silver cast? Please advise! LemonSquare

  3. it is indeed elegant and lovely, but i think you found it's higher purpose as a tool for awesomely distorted self-portraits! how fun!!

  4. Gorgeous, and yes to melissa's point.

    I may need to locate some of that Twinkle stuff. I have a candle holder that probably doesn't remember it used to be shiny.


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