Monday, March 21, 2011

I think it'll be Botticelli

I have finished the knitting bit of the Noro cardigan, and just have to sew a few seams and make a teeny tiny buttonband.

So I have got the Felted Tweed out and spread it around the house.

My crazy ideas seem to have merged into the lovely Botticelli pattern (rav link, or someone's WIP on Flickr) with some sort of multicoloured fabric. I have lots of brown (not quite enough to make the whole thing in the one colour), a few balls of grey, and a rainbow of contrasting colours.

The Barbara Walker mosaic pages got well looked-over this weekend. (See a selection here.) I also stopped and stared at a pattern I'd put into the denim cardigan I made last year. Where did I stumble across that? Do I need a pattern or could I just sit down and try to remember/figure out what I'd done? Argh.

Or, should I just keep the plain stocking stitch of the Botticelli, but do two rows of brown, two of something else, in a rainbow progression up the whole sweater? I think I could get all the colours in if I changed the contrast colour every 18 or 20 rows.

Hmm. Pretty; should work; I haven't made a plain stocking stitch thing for a long while, it seems; and I'll have plenty left over to make a mosaic-patterned wrap!

Oh, yeah, but first I should sew a seam or two. And paint the bathroom, buy Arthur a raincoat, find some groceries somehow...


  1. Botticelli in stockinette stripes, for sure! Sort of Rowan meets Noro. It would be awesome. Oh, and I love the look of all that Felted Tweed on the floor there - mmmmmm!!!

  2. That is a great Idea, a wonderful way to use up all of those skiens that you have a lot of, but not enough to make a one color sweater.

  3. Brilliant news on another project nearly done and oooooh on the yarn! I can't wait to see that knitted up into something!

  4. No to the big rose! I hate intarsia. But stripes would be fun. That is quite a stack o' felted tweed you have there. No fear of wimping out. This is supposed to be fun, right?


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