Friday, March 04, 2011

Some squares

I got the March square done for the Block-a-Month knitalong. There was the "official" square, which didn't appeal to me, and the "optional" squares, which were  miters -- one from the outside in, which is how I usually make my miters -- and one from the inside out, using M1 increases around 2 central stitches. That didn't really appeal either, because I thought the centre looked too chunky. Someone suggested this other inside-out miter pattern, so that's what I used.

Just a few ends to tidy up and we're done for the month! Here's the lot of them together.

Those are all my colours, and there is no more orange. I have the colour and even dye lot number for it, so I may go up the hill and try to find another ball. Or perhaps I'd get a more golden colour... Or knit more green and see how it looks.

A thing I am gradually learning is that even if I don't go right this minute, there will be yarn in yarn shops when I need it. I could knit up all the green -- and there is enough yarn in a ball of Cascade 220 for several squares -- and still find some more in the shop.

This weekend I am knitting socks! With Lucy Neatby! My all-day sock workshop is this Sunday. Got to get my list of supplies ready, decide what bag to carry everything in, what hat or scarf to wear... I'll surely report in on that!


  1. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Still working on my February square... Yours are looking good!

  3. love the miter!

    oooh - have fun with lucy neatby!
    (or actually, since i'm so far behind in blog posts i should say, i hope you had fun with lucy neatby!!)


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