Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It was pretty exciting

I was late to the party, but today, finally, I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. I had wound up this mixture of 3-ply yarns held together and cast on 96 stitches before I went, meaning to knit a 2x2 ribbed hat. After a row of that, during the previews, in the dark, I decided this would be a stockinette roll-brim hat. My hands just kept knitting and knitting, as Harry and his friends triumphed over evil and all that.

Why oh why do they have to change things so much?

I understand the whole "books and movies are different" thing, and all that stuff under the invisibility cloak would be kinda boring to watch, I suppose.... but I don't like liberties being taken with characters, and I don't like changing scenes just for the sake of putting in some excessive special effect.

I am glad I saw it. Parts were pretty gripping and I did love the whole Gringott's affair. But, meh. Not something I have to rewatch... though probably I will see it again soon, since Elaine is away at camp this week and will likely want to see it sometime.

(Yeah, I'll just toss that last fact in... In fact, I am sort of at a loss with my wee one away!)

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