Saturday, July 30, 2011

So many things

Where to begin?

Elaine went to camp and came back again.

The weather was iffy when she set off, but the raincoat was soon cast aside.

She seemed to enjoy herself. She macraméd a bracelet and decorated a pirate sash. What more could one ask for, really?

We had artichokes for dinner last night. We cooked them and dipped the leaves in melted butter.

The best part is the butter, I think!

And they are very delightful and crazy looking!

Somewhere in my wanderings I came across a recipe for lemony cookies.  Three ingredients: lemon cake mix, Cool Whip, and an egg. Roll the dough in icing sugar, and cook 'em.

Unfortunately, one can't really make cookies with cake mix that don't come out rather cakey. And perhaps the Cool Whip makes the texture a bit gluey. Maybe I should have cooked them a minute longer. The idea is rather fun, though.

And, voila, a hat!

It's certainly hot for this weather, but it'll go in the box to go to charity this fall.

It really fits a head a bit smaller than mine. Ninety-six stitches on a 4 mm needle, knit knit knit knit. 


  1. very cute hat! love the color combo!

    mmmmmm.... i love artichokes too!

    glad elaine had fun at camp!

  2. If I were a yarn dyer, I'd do artichoke.


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