Wednesday, September 07, 2011

September square, right on schedule

(ooh, using the new blogger interface, quite sleek looking!)

Here is the September square, a Lizard Ridge.

I found this much more involved than I had thought! First, I had to add stitches to the edges to make it as wide as the others, and then I had visions of the edge half-bubbles getting all wonky, but of course, if one just thinks a moment, and continues to work 3 stitches in garter stitch at the edge, all works out just fine.

Yeah, and I ran out of green in an awkward place. 

The second light-bulb moment came when I actually read the instructions for picking up the "wrap & turn" stitches.

The lower bit shows my "just do it" interpretation of how to knit them, with the long wraps showing, and above you can see that if you follow the instructions, it looks much better! Now I know for next time! (If only I could figure out how to put those arrows and lines on my photos, that would be good, too!)

The whole lot, so far! Things will be stretched and squished and it will all fit!
Now, back to our regular scheduled programming till the October square appears. I am just sorting myself out now that the kids have gone back to school, so who knows what (or where) the next project will be, but I'll get things settled any day now!


  1. fabulous!!
    it's fun to see new colors working their way into the blanket!

  2. Actually I quite like that hint of blue! and you are obviously back on track squares wise :)


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