Monday, November 21, 2011

Another walk with another ending

This morning I walked Elaine to school, then set off up the hill via The Stairs, then across past more lovely houses, and back down the hill past the grocery store.

Aha, said I. I will just pop in here to get some hot chocolate powder for my poor, deprived children.

Of course, I picked up about $45 worth of other stuff as well, and just as I approached the cashier, I realized that I had my house keys and cell phone with me, but no wallet. So I smiled sweetly and said, "Wait! I have no money!" To which the cashier responded, "You're optimistic, aren't you?"

But she kept my groceries as I dashed home and got some money. All is well.

Then I get Arthur's report card in the mail which contains sentences like, "He needs to improve his organizational skills." Ah, yes.


  1. This did make me laugh!

  2. I've left my wallet in the car twice in the past few months. Some stores will ring up the order and put the price on "hold" while I run outside. Or, in one case, run 4 blocks each way . . .

    In situations like that, I like to remind myself that surely retail staff have seen much stranger people than me.


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