Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missed chance

I occasionally look at Ebay, though my first burst of enthusiasm has certainly passed. The other day I saw this, a cardigan knit of Rowan Denim. Not something I would have knit myself, but from a quick search at Ravelry I found that it is called Favour and probably has more than 20 balls of yarn in it!

The auction had a thrilling finale. Only one other person wanted it, and they put in a bid with about 3 minutes to go. I raised my bid, but balked at going really high, so they still got it for less than the yarn would cost new.

But think of the fun I would have had unravelling it, letting the yarn stew for ever in my closet, wondering what I had got so worked up about. 'Tis better this way, perhaps!


  1. I have to watch it with ebay temptation - easy to get sucked in to bidding!

  2. heh heh... the thrill of the last minute bidding war!!

    i'm sure you're right, it's all for the best, but i can't help thinking that now you'll never knit that denim chair cover....


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