Saturday, November 05, 2011

My new phone has a camera

It is so fun to have a camera-phone, don't you think?

One feels like a spy, or something. Somehow it is more important, taking a picture with a phone -- so urgent I can't stop to deal with my real camera.

The very first picture I took with my phone was at Peace, Love and Misunderstanding at the film festival. Up there is Bruce Beresford! And the cute little guy, whatshisname... Nat Wolff.  He said that he really liked doing this movie because he got to pretend to get stoned with Jane Fonda, and who wouldn't, really? Thing #1 I learned here: the camera makes a terrible shutter noise! Luckily, Arthur figured out how to turn it off.

Then I took a bunch of pictures that made it clear to me that this is not a very super camera. Things across the street are too blurry. Lighting has to have attention paid to it. And so on...

But, it did capture the lovely purpleness of this boss car. It was a Dodge Charger, purply-pink, and for a couple of days it was parked down the street. This, as you might guess, is where you put the gas in. See me and Elaine reflected!

And this morning, just before the thing beeped at me to tell me I had too many pictures and needed to download them off the phone, I took this! The colours of this bush were amazing, all the way from pale yellow through to brightest red. The sky was clear and blue and it was all just gorgeous.

So, like some sort of superhero (or big dork, whatever) I stopped on my way to get groceries to take a picture of the pretty bush.

When I got home, indeed, I had to get Arthur to mutter encouraging things while I learned to get the pictures onto the computer! Oh, I'd best be sure to keep that cable somewhere safe...

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