Sunday, January 22, 2012

All the squares

Sixteen squares are knitted up and blocked. They are clearly not all the same size, so some garter-stitch bits are being inserted here and there.

It'll be done this week, I figure.  I have only a bit of the yellow, quite a bit of lilac and almost a whole ball of the browny-orange that you see in the closer mitered corner. I might cave and buy another ball of something for the outer edge. We shall see.

I now have a baby to give this to. A colleague of Stephen's just had a baby who had some initial difficulties and scared the pants off all of us, but who seems to be improving now. One forgets just how risky this baby-having lark is. Suddenly, a tiny thing happens that turns out to be incredibly difficult and dangerous.

Anyways, enough about that! I'm sure that a knitted blanket won't help the physical well-being of the baby, but it might give a teeny boost to the parents who have been through such emotional ups and downs. At least, that is what we knitters like to think.


  1. All the squares look great and the gifting of them to someone that needs a boost is a wonderful idea.

  2. what a beautiful thing to do! i am sure that this family will take great comfort from your gorgeous work. i love the uniqueness of each square. wonderful!

  3. oh it looks fantastic!
    i've really enjoyed following your journey with this project - it's exciting to see it so close to finished!


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