Saturday, January 07, 2012

The sky thus far

My sky scarf is slowly but steadily growing.

Every day since December 1, 2011 I knit one ridge, choosing two yarns from among bright blue (no sky is ever really that colour, indeed), softer blue (rather grey; no sky is ever that colour, either), white clouds (with pink and yellow) and grey clouds (with occasional brown and green bits). I have also added sparkly yarn on a couple of rows, but I don't think it really shows up here. Those were days when we were teased with a bit of snow.

I know the colours are not really sky-like, but a) it makes a more beauteous scarf, I think and b) I'm working with stash, so I did what I could. 

The eyelet row signifies the first of a new month.

Today is bright and sunny, a double blue row. I must say I like those the best. 


  1. oh i am just loving this project of yours!!
    i especially like your sparkles added in when it snows and the eyelets to separate months - genius!

  2. love the colors. and what a great idea to mark each new month. of course, I never got one started :(...


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