Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A hat and some flowers

Look at this, a very sophisticated and elegant button on some very sophisticated and elegant seed-stitched Rowan wool.

We soon change, however, to jazzy, sparkly, twinkly sock yarn.

This will fit a little child. The scarf I made a few years ago for Elaine, but she never really wore it. It should have been a bit longer for her, but it'll fit some wee one just fine.

Spring is fully here, I must say. The lilac is way ahead of schedule, and this year we have a ton of blooms. Some years we have none!

And the pansy! I bought a little box of these at the corner store, and they are simply divine!

Arthur's school has been completely disorganized this week (well, I know it is only Tuesday, but it seems to have been going on for much longer!) but I just got a call from a teacher saying they should be back in the building next week -- at least for English class. There will be some continued mess, but we are thrilled that on Thursday they are getting in to get stuff out of their lockers!

1 comment:

  1. very cute hat/scarf set.

    and lovely springtime blossoms! it's oh so lovely when the colors start appearing again!


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