Thursday, May 24, 2012

Socks all over the place

It's time to celebrate!

Arthur's picture of our Victoria Day fireworks
I finished a grey sock! Yay me.

The pattern is an old Patons one: cable and bar. The "bar" is made by doing p1, slip 1, over those 11 stitches, next to the cable bit. The yarn almost lines up its stripes with alternate bars, but the pattern would look much more sophisticated with plain yarn.

And I started a new one! Even bigger yay!

I've now done the cuff and have started the leg portion. 

Meanwhile, the mending pile is too enormous to ignore any longer.

Arthur's tiger socks had such a big hole in them that I couldn't face darning it, so I cut the whole toe off and will reknit it.

I'm sort of sure that darning would have taken less time, but so far, I've spent months avoiding darning, so at least the knitting will eventually get done -- I hope!

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  1. I cleaned up my knitting room/office over the weekend and went thru the darning pile. I decided to just throw some away that had lived a useful life. No darning accomplished , however....


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