Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ravelympics, graduation

You all know about the Ravelympics fuss, I'm sure.

I don't do the Ravelympics because I don't like all the organizing into events and teams and putting things on project pages in a timely manner. But I do the winter Knitting Olympics and I intend to knit something special during these upcoming Olympic Games, so I am Ravelympic-ing in spirit. And I am, along with two million other Ravelry members, outraged at the idea that challenging ourselves in our chosen field while watching athletes challenge themselves in theirs is in any way "denigrating" or insulting.

Watch out for those pointy sticks, guys!

The Olympic Rings of tequila drinks. Denigrate that!

There are two great ideas floating around about this. One is the general idea of yarnbombing the Olympic site. This is an excellent idea and although it is just the US Olympic Committee people object to, yarnbombing the London site would be fun and certainly show off the power of the knitters to everyone. The other is ... well, I'll just let Kay explain it, here. I would love to see Stephen Colbert take on this issue.

Closer to home, today Elaine graduates from grade 6. She has a dress and diamond studded flip-flops. I'm not sure they are good dancing shoes, but they are comfy and cool and cheap and cheerful.

It is so stinkin' hot here these days that it is perfectly fine that I didn't knit her a shawl or shrug or anything at all.

If we're lucky, glamour shots will be taken this evening.

Then we have a week of hanging around the school being too hot and uncomfortable to think, and then it's summer vacation!

Arthur finished his last exam on Monday, gets his marks next Monday, and then embarks on a cool summer course:  Get on a bus, go to see the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, a pub in Montreal, and the United Nations (and a musical) in New York, write a report or two, and get credit for the most boring, useless, denigrate-worthy course in the Ontario curriculum! Brilliant! (I tell him he needs a knitting project for the bus, but he sensibly points out that he will be typing away on those reports on the bus -- they do still need to do a year's work in two weeks and it's not all fun and games, you know!)

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  1. I hope Elaine has a wonderful graduation. Love the sparkly flip-flops!

    Shuli has graduation next Wednesday just before school ends, with dinner and a DJ at Pickle Barrel. They were informed that Dress Code (such as it is) will be enforced so we bought a little shrug to cover her spaghetti straps that cost more than the dress. (The dress was really cheap.)


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