Monday, August 06, 2012

A bag and a hat

I made Arthur a case for his little laptop. He went on a bus trip for a school course with his computer in a padded envelope, which has a certain coolness indeed, but, really, one needs a case hand-knitted by one's mom to be truly cool, as we all know. I started this weeks ago, it seems, and it was all done but the button before we went away.

It's two strands of ancient Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece held together. I made a vest of this yarn in 1992 or so, ripped that out, maybe 10 years ago?? I still have a ton, too.

Arthur does not have a purple Mac. He does have a purple computer with an Apple sticker on it, though! And now it is all snug in its case.

This is Olympic hat #4. More of that black and gold Patons Classic. It's called Heel Stitch hat, but I used the modifications found here.

Then, of course, I modified it further, by decreasing the number of stitches cast on to 96, because I knew I would be short of yarn. I think it will fit a child of 8 or so. I couldn't jam it on Elaine's head, but that might just be because her hair has got very bushy lately. 

I don't recommend 96 stitches, because it would be better to have an odd number of stitches in the decrease sections. Ninety or 102 would be a smidge more elegant. 

Heel stitch: knit one, slip one all across the row; then knit one row plain. I think it would look good in a variegated yarn or something like Kureyon, alternating with a plain yarn. 

And now an exciting tale for you: Once upon a time, I was looking at Ebay. I don't do it that much anymore, because perhaps I don't really need all that stuff, but I do look occasionally for things like Rowan Denim yarn. Before we left for our holiday I found 25 balls of black denim! Black! Ooh, la la, my little heart skipped a beat, and I bid on it. I had sort of put it out of my mind, but luckily I marked my calendar and went to watch the last minutes count down. At absolutely the last moment, something like 2 seconds before the auction ended, a snipe bid came in. No time for me to respond, but!!! It wasn't higher than my bid! So, yay me, I not only got some yarn, I beat the sniper, and actually ended up paying 2p less than my bid. (Yeah, plus postage for 1.25 kilos of yarn!)

The package was mailed from England, and would have been delivered while we were away. It's waiting for me at the post office and after this long weekend, I can pick it up on Tuesday. My choice now seems to be down to Fleet or the Artist's Smock. I'm thinking Fleet, since I've wanted it forever. But then I think something like the Artist's Smock is also very nice. I'll think again when I get the yarn on Tuesday!

And I will sort holiday pictures, too!


  1. Lovely hat and bag.

    Fleet looks like more fun to knit, but even so might take a long time. Artist's Smock will be less exciting. Will that lead to endless timeouts? Or will you jam through it and have a sweater sooner?

  2. aw what a good mum to make your boy at handknit laptop bag!

  3. Oh wow, that's really lucky with the black yarn!


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