Sunday, August 05, 2012

Back with some knitting

We had our week of fun in the sun, and it was very fun and very sunny. Our cottage was just steps from the beach, so although we had to carry chairs and towels and shovels and cameras and kites and sunscreen and books to read and knitting and water and, later, a beach umbrella, it was quite convenient. And if we forgot something we could always go back for it!

Today, knitting pictures. We took lots of other pictures, but let's keep it simple to start.

I had got off to a shaky start with the Olympic knitting, and had to rip out what I did during the opening ceremonies. Lucky me, though: I had a two-hour car ride the next day. It soon became clear that the blue yarn I had was not going to make a whole hat, so I added in some white.

Alas, that was not enough, either! So we end up with a pretty stupid looking hat, I'm afraid. It's Hermione's hat from the Half-Blood Prince, but really, it should be all one colour! It will do. And it was quite fun to make, with a little eyelet here and a cable there.

Best part: taking pictures of it in a Peacock melamine bowl! We had two of these in the cottage. I have a soft spot for melamine, I must say.

Next up, I went for something totally straightforward to knit, since it was black. That brown stripe is all the brown I had, and I threw in the gold stripe as well. I made the hat quite pointy on top and added the jaunty pompom.

We decided not to take our own jigsaw puzzles to this place, since the blurb said they had puzzles and books. Unfortunately, the puzzles were either too silly (cartoon dinosaurs) or murderous (1000 pieces of the Golden Gate bridge in the fog). We got the bridge done, and the one rock, and bits of the sky, but had a couple of hundred pieces left when we had to leave. Stay tuned, and some day soon I will tell you how it all worked out.

After my two pretty standard hats, I was ready to go fancy-pants.

This booklet has escaped recent purges because I love that hat on the back cover. Two big circles on the sides, plain bit in the middle, crazy Grandma-lady grinning. So, with sock yarn and a tiny cable needle and short rows, I made the circles. So fun!

I just guessed at the placement of the chin strap. I need a baby to try it on! Still need to find the tiny button, and then we are done with that.

I also made another hat; finished it last night and have no picture yet. And! We went to a place called the Southampton Market where I chanced upon some Peaches & Creme cotton yarn. There were even 1-pound cones of the stuff, but the colours were a bit blah. I got myself two balls of variegated cotton, and then picked up two of sock yarn. (What was I thinking??) So I have a bit of a dishcloth started, too.  Oh, and we had to go to the local thrift store where I found 3 pairs of wooden needles... as if I needed another set of 4.5 mm straights...

Much more holiday blahblahblah to come, folks!


  1. glad you had fun on your vacation!

    what a great lineup of baby hats! i especially love the vintage one! it's fantastic!

  2. The beach looks awesome, Mary. A productive knitting holiday too!

  3. Welcome home. What a lovely beach! I like the black hat with stripes. Very nice colors.


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