Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now it's December

We decorated the tree. Please note Elaine is wearing Christmas stockings on her feet!

We put on our usual collection of oddments, including this "pearl" bangle-thing. I would never tire of taking pictures of things on Christmas trees, with the coloured lights and all.

For example, here we have the disco ball, the skeleton who seems to have migrated from the Hallowe'en box to the Christmas box somehow, and the souvenir ornament from Newfoundland. And most historic and sentimental, the garland made of gum wrappers, bottom left!

Although I have not been knitting, I did have a tiny stash of dishcloths, so took part in the dishcloth swap on Ravelry. I just got this package from Michigan. Two lovely cloths and a few extra treats! Nummy!

The kids have another week of school, then we will have a week of Christmas here before heading off to the warm and rainy shores of Vancouver Island for a week with Stephen's family, among others. I hope we will have a few adventures there!

Next week's big adventure is to a physiotherapist, since my elbow is still hurting. I'll report in on that. Sigh.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your elbow is still hurting! I hope the physiotherapist is helpful.

    Is Elaine trying to stretch out the Christmas stockings so they will hold more?

    I love the gum-wrapper garland. Too bad they don't sell gum with those wrappers anymore! It is truly an irreplaceable treasure.

  2. Good luck with the elbow. Happy travels.

  3. what fun holiday preparations!!
    we always used to put christmas stockings on our feet when i was younger!! fun times....

    i''m sorry to hear your elbow is still troubling you - hope the doctor visit helps!!


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