Friday, August 02, 2013

Finished! Finished something!

I knit a hat! I even sewed the ends in and everything, and it is done!
I asked Arthur to model it and he put it on his knee.

The brown is some handspun I got in exchange for a bunch of magazines, and the creamy colour and green is old stash, wool with a bit of viscose. Pattern (what? Mary used a pattern for a hat? Well, sorta) is the Basic Bulky Man Hat, but I didn't do the 4-point decreases at the top. Just the usual 8 decreases around a few times, down to 4 stitches to make a teeny i-cord bump.

It's so delightful to wear a double-thick wool hat in August.

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  1. well august may not be the right time... but in a couple of months someone is going to be much much happier about this hat! :)


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