Sunday, September 01, 2013

It's a new month

I have been knitting more and more. I will even have a couple of things to show you in the next few days.

I started a hat last September. I remember trying to knit it in the lineup at the film festival, but didn't get very far because of my tennis elbow. I worked on it last week and now just have to finish off the top and sew a few ends in.

I also started a Honey Cowl. I know, everyone is doing it! I was in the yarn shop with Elaine and she picked out some nice yarn, so she gets a new fall cowl. I've knit up one ball and have three more. I think I'll only need two, though... but it's hard to see what it will be like wrapped around one's neck when it is jammed on a circular needle. I aim to finish this in September.

I also have knit a row or two on a sock I started a million years ago. That, too, can be finished off this month, I believe.

I'm sorry I have no knitting pictures for you now, but here is our most successful weird perspective picture from our holiday last week:

She will just pluck him up there. See how very alarmed and worried he looks. Yeah, okay, we still have work to do on this idea, but we are improving!

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  1. My how she's grown! Even the sand bucket looks small in comparison. Nicely done.


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