Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just hanging around.

After the past week of intense blogorama here, I have little left to say. We bought groceries, we visited Daddy's office, we went to the park, and yesterday we did the tourist thing and climbed the 123 steps of the tower of a big church in town. So here is King's College Chapel and a large chestnut tree from above. The lawn really is perfectly green and smooth and weed free. (The church was closed for the afternoon for a wedding, and we walked back past it in time to see the bride and groom get into their horse-drawn carriage and trot away. Many ridiculous hats in attendance!)

I have been trying to get a bit of knitting in, but with limited success. You'd think a couple of long train rides would have set me up great, but I really didn't get much done. I take the sock out to the pub and the park, but still it goes slowly. And I keep seeing more and more things to knit! I mean, couldn't one knit up a great blanket with all these stripes? It's the market from the church tower.

So, for those keeping track, here are my knitting projects:
  • the socks. One done, one half-finished.
  • the pink cardigan. I said this would be done for school, but that's next Monday, so it'll be done in time for the appropriate weather for a pink cotton cardigan, like ... later.
  • I started a blanket of cotton Denim yarn. It's my bedtime knitting, and it's fun, but I have to finish up this strip so I can start a more thrilling one!
  • And finally, I have a sweater for my husband that's just waiting for a free day for sewing it all together. Then I need to make a button band around the front and voila. Since I started it about 18 months ago, I'd really like to get it finished, but it can't be done in fits and starts, so it never gets looked at at all.
And of course I have that bag of wool for the big old sweater I've been planning for a while. Grr. So my plan (and I'll set it out here for the world to see) is to finish the sock and the pink cardigan with all speed, sew the sweater together once school starts, continue the denim knitting in bed, and get that other thing started before Xmas. And not start anything new until something here is done! So there. We shall see.


  1. It does make you want to knit up a blanket doesn't it? Do you reckon they all got together to co-ordinate their colours?!!!

  2. I had a little dish *exactly* like the one shown in yr photo! how did it end up in yr rental car in Mull?!!?


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