Monday, June 10, 2013

Not quite the way I planned

Tomorrow, Elaine's school is having an evening affair, with an art show, silent auction and a cake raffle. So, I am making a cake.

There's always the problem: what to put the cake on? A regular plate will not come back to me, so I looked at plastic picnic plates I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but they were not big enough to contain my brilliant idea -- my brilliant idea was to recreate something like this. (I should have read that page before embarking on this, I can tell you right now. )

The plate problem was solved by the old Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is an election sign, heavy-duty corrugated plastic. These things are light and strong and perfect for making plates out of, or even houses. Their only flaw is that it is not easy to cut them in any sort of curve. So, a square plate.

Wrap it in tin foil, and we're all set.

Assemble your sugar-bomb toppings: store-bought icing, Maltesers, Buttons, Kit Kats.

Here was my first clue that this was not quite the same as that previous cake. I only made a single layer, and the Kit Kats were too tall!  I did experiment with cutting them, but decided that was a bit too labour intensive for me today, so I ditched the Kit Kats idea. (Note to self: hide them before the kids get home from school!)

I just swooped the candies around on top, and arranged some artfully around the outside.

Would you bid on this cake?


A few leftovers that can be easily dealt with, and we are set and ready to go!