Saturday, July 05, 2014

My latest thing

I have been working on this Alabama Chanin-style top.

I decided not to go crazy trying to make four half-T-shirts into a dress, and settled on making them into two shirts. The first has now been embellished around the neck and "just" needs sewing up.

The appliqué bits are, of course, superheroes and their emblems. These are from an old pair of pyjama pants, believe it or not. The beads are cheap and sort of irregular and shimmery: good enough, but I will seek out better ones. I hope they are dazzling when I wear it... in a humorous, ironic, superhero-with-beads, hand-stitched sort of a way.

And for the crafty types who need to know: the inside. I hope the thread ends don't stay so stiff and tickly!