Friday, August 28, 2020

Peyto Lake bag

Many years ago, I went to the Rockies and took this picture of Peyto Lake, which really is this kind of shocking colour. 

Recently I was looking at Spoonflower, a place that will print anything you like (that you own) on various kinds of fabric or on wallpaper. I think they were promoting something to do with lakes at the time. 

So I tried it! It cost about $15 for this bit of fabric, with my lake picture arranged all over it. 

You can get quilting cotton and slinky polyester and all sorts. I got Twill. You can arrange your art in stacked or offset bricks or make a giant single picture. 

It was only a small bit of fabric (a "fat quarter") and I am still best just sewing straight lines, so I made a bag. I threw more involved ideas around in my head, but kept coming back to, "just make a bag."

I lined it with this mauve fabric which I believe is linen. Who knows how these things end up in my cupboards? 

The bar code and order number are on the selvage and I could have hidden them but I like them there. 

I cut the fabric for the handles off one long edge, and so have one with clouds and one with mountains. 

A nice, unique, summery bag to throw my wallet and sunglasses in!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Some things I have made

Once upon a time, I found myself a necklace of these triangular stones. They are just rocks, grey triangle rocks. It made for a very heavy necklace, and it was quite short. 

Recently I found this necklace of giant diamonds! Alas, not real diamonds, but lightweight, plastic, enormous diamonds! 

I added my diamonds to my rocks and I have a longer necklace, that is still quite heavy of course, but not close around my neck. The blue gems are in my bead box, awaiting their fate. 

I also took this pearl necklace apart and put it back together again. It was originally two short strands; now one longer one. Once again, unfortunately these are not real pearls, and certainly not natural golden pearls! 

Stop taking pictures in front of the window

I am knitting, although it is really hot! This is a square for a COVID-19 charity/art/memorial thing (atop a jigsaw puzzle that was easy enough for a while).

And here we have a hat of some leftovers and hand-me-downs. It'll go in the charity box. Super warm, I think. 

I started knitting the hat because my other new project was already driving me bonkers. 

I think it took me a couple of days to get this much knit. Two and three-quarter millimetre needles, tiny, tiny woolly yarn. This will one day be a lovely cardigan for me, light and airy and warm, but right now it is a hot sticky chore. To knit a hat on 4.5s was a delight, and it went so fast! 

This is the state of the sweater at present. I suspect it will not be ready for the coming autumn, but maybe next spring! 

The green yarn of the border was bought in Vancouver as a substitute when I couldn't go to Fibres West, and the petrol-bluish mix was bought recently. I gave someone a bunch of pattern books and she sent me a gift certificate for the shop up the hill, so I was compelled. 

It's still so hot, I can't even imagine wearing a sweater, but I shall continue....

Monday, August 17, 2020

We had a week away

Even in the COVID times, it is possible to get away from things for a while. Stephen and I decided to take a break a while ago and had a hard time finding a place to rent, but we managed to get a wee cottage for this past week in the town of Picton, Ontario, in the heart of Prince Edward County, or as Torontonian middle-aged hipsters say, The County. 

The town is open for business, but restaurants have patios, lots of take-out available, stores have limits on how many people can be in at once and everyone is masked indoors. We did most of our own cooking and only went out a few times to eat. We did get more ice cream than usual, the most exciting being Campfire flavour at Slickers! It really does taste like slightly burnt marshmallows. 

We went looking at antiques. 

Up the street from our little house was this buddha/gnome combo, and I happened by when a Giant Swallowtail butterfly was checking it out. 

We went to a few wineries. Most interesting fact: Waupoos cider is not made at the Waupoos winery but at the County Cider Co, although the winery does also have cider. Too complicated!

We went to the beach! I had been following Sandbanks park on twitter because they often were so crowded they closed the park by noon. It was so busy we just decided not to bother at all, but to try our luck at the smaller North Beach. It was lovely, very slowly sloping sand and the water was perfect. I did find it a bit odd that a place with such a curvy, inlet-ish coastline didn't seem to have many beaches. 

In our quest for ice cream, we went to the Sunflower Fields ice cream place. The ice cream was fine, but we were a few weeks late to see the flowers in all their glory. 

And of course there was knitting. I made four dishcloths, trying my best to use up the whites in my collection. 

All different sizes!

Now we are back home, doing whatever one does. Hard to believe it is the middle of August! 

Friday, August 07, 2020

More thrills at our house

 I went to the big thrift shop a couple of weeks ago with Arthur and we picked out a ... challenging... jigsaw puzzle. Finally today we finished it! One thousand pieces, tomatoes!

This took us about twice as long as usual. We got the yellow ones and the peppers pretty quickly, but then it was a slog. Phew. 

We had our usual tuba O Canada today, and a bit of Friday-evening-hanging-around afterwards. A tenant who lives in the same house as Tuba Guy is moving tomorrow, and was putting out stuff to get rid of by the side of the road. OMG, I didn't know I was living across the street from another knitter until tonight, and a knitter with style! 

Several balls of nice wool! Great colours! The same as some stuff I have but have been ignoring since we came back from Vancouver! 

It's in the freezer for now, just in case of cooties. I'll add it to my pile... 

The thing that attracted me to her pile of discards was this plate! 

She put it under a plant pot. I think I will put it on the wall. 

(Blogger has a new interface, and I don't know why the pictures are gigantic and not centred. Or maybe that's just me...)

Saturday, August 01, 2020

August, it's August already

Wow, what has happened to the time thing? The whole summer, poof! I feel like this summer has whisked by. Then again, who would want it to go on any longer, with pandemics, heatwaves and, in other places, massive unrest?

Of course, we do have another whole month of summer; September can be very summery; but there's that business of school, which is more fraught than usual this year, even though (thank goodness a million times) I don't have little kids. Stephen will be teaching somehow, Elaine will be online-classing. 

Enough handwringing. What's up for August? Pretty modest goals!

  • The Kaffe Fassett squares will be sewn together. My pillow is 26 inches on a side and my knitting is about 24 inches. So, hmm. 
  • Will I start the lacy pullover I have been thinking of, or will I start something new with some hand-me-down yarn a friend gave me, or will I finish off another long-forgotten work-in-progress? 
  • In non-knitting news, we are going to rent a cottage by a lake (not Huron, nor Erie, but Lake Ontario this time) for a week. I hope we will just hang out, maybe go to a winery, maybe have lunch on a patio, get some knitting and reading done. The provincial park with the nice beach is experiencing huge traffic problems and usually closes midday because it's already too busy, since it's within easy driving distance of Toronto and no-one is travelling abroad. So, that's a thing. 
  • I may just become a great-aunt in the last week of August. The mom-to-be was weeks late being born herself, so perhaps I won't hold my breath!
And that's it. Surely something else will happen, but no huge plans are in the works.