Sunday, February 17, 2019

Something finished

This is my second attempt at a shawl with this yarn. The pattern is from 1934, and is super-simple: Cast on a bunch of stitches and knit, decreasing one stitch every other row.

The original pattern has a dark brown (I think that's what colour "mole" is) and stripes in tangerine, jade green and white. I did the mole in blue-green gradient and the others all in the green-yellow gradient. Clearly I should have started with a darker colour in the yellows because I ran out just before the end. I used all five colours of the blue-green.

It's not as asymmetric as that picture makes it look.

And it wraps nicely around my neck, with the point warming my front.

Sunday, February 03, 2019


I have a draft post about the shawl I am knitting. It translates a vintage 1916 shawl pattern into modern terms, because I am so clever that I can do that. However, guess what, I am not that clever!

We start with the edging, very nice. I started with the needles the pattern suggested and found the fabric too floppy for me, so changed to smaller ones. As it turned out, I should have kept the bigger ones.

I used a gradient of blues and greens. So pretty!

I should have been more careful with the centre decreases. There was a lot of "It won't be visible from a galloping horse" going on here.

The killer, though, came last night. I was finding the pattern on Ravelry again (I can't even remember why now) and I noticed that there was another very similar pattern. Mine is the Three-pointed Shawl, with only the 1916 magazine picture and only my project. Another is the Three-point Shawl, exactly the same shawl pattern modernized for a book called Centenary Stitches. Someone else had knit this shawl, and when I looked at their notes, they were complaining about the endless garter stitch. Well, I had endless stocking stitch. My directions say, after the pretty border, "knit plain," and clearly my interpretation of those words was... wrong. 

As we all know, garter stitch makes more rows to the inch, you can make a square/diamond by increasing and decreasing in garter, and the same stitches in stocking stitch make a much pointier shape. Well, I have got a 4-pointed shawl instead of a 3-pointed shawl.

Curses, blast and dang! I have to rip it. I must.

And the thing is, I am not sure I want to redo this particular shawl. I would have to rip out the central stocking stitch part, for sure. But then, I could redo the border as well, with all those dodgy centre decreases. Indeed, I could go right back to the beginning and do the whole thing on larger needles for more drape.

A learning experience for sure. Golly.

Edited to add: