Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Time passes yet again

If you follow me on Instagram you might just think that all I do is go for walks around and look at pretty flowers and trees. Not wrong, really. 

I have also knitted about 13 inches of boring charcoal grey ribbing. I need about 7 more! And then, I get to make the yoke of the sweater. So that is very exciting. I may never finish...

There are some other things going on but perhaps they are not blog-fodder just yet. The end of April will be a very busy time with the university term ending and people moving and much confusion. I do at least have an appointment made for the first dose of the vaccine, so that is something! 

Let's have some more pictures from the last week or so: 

We watched the sunset from a patio one night

A very old sidewalk stamp. This might require a whole blog post one day

Thursday, April 01, 2021

It's April

I will not do an April Fool's post... yesterday I saw that heavy snow was forecast for Vancouver and that reminded me not to believe anything I read today. 

But I will show you some pictures and make a bit of a list for the coming month. 

I have made a sleeve. You saw the beginning of it last time. So now that is done (for the moment) and I have started on the body of the sweater. (It's dark grey ribbing, all the same, so not very interesting to look at.) I don't know if I've shown you this picture before, but I snapped it around Christmas time as I was on a walk through some swanky fashion shops in Toronto. Unfortunately I have no idea what shop or who might the designer be. 

When Kid #1 saw it, the eyes lit up, so I decided to have a crack at making something like it. 

The ribbed side is a charcoal grey, with a more useable sleeve shape, and it will be a raglan sleeve instead of a drop shoulder like that. I am using a pattern called Rugged Raglan, even though we won't end up with anything very rugged, I think! We haven't decided on the colour for the other side, or the cable pattern, but I am leaning toward some colour we can call Highlighter Marker

That will be my main knitting for the foreseeable future. We go back to Toronto on the 25th I think, so I have plenty of time to make the body rectangle, and then I have to join the sleeve in and make the top part. Perhaps there should be some trying on and consultation, but we'll see how things go. 

I don't really have any other plans, so perhaps a to-do list is not needed! Let's move on to some pretty pictures of what I have been doing!

Vancouver is full of flowering trees these days. Whole streets are lined with frothy pinkness. When the sky is blue, the combination is so beautiful!

We went to Stanley Park yesterday with a friend who was looking for a certain cultivar of cherry, but although the ornamental plums are blossoming everywhere, and we just call any pink or white flowery tree a cherry, we learned that the cherries need another week or so before they are perfect. We did a lot of walking around in the park looking at other delights. 

Of course, a favourite, Girl in a Wetsuit

Today I was walking on Kits Beach and saw a small sailboat had come ashore, perhaps last week when it was very windy. 

The tiller

The waterline

And that is how April begins. As long as that heavy snow doesn't really materialize, it all looks good.