Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Knitting projects present and future

This is the present project. Pink sleeves. See the nice lacy bit at the cuff? See how it's sort of flat on the one sleeve and curling a bit on the other? So what do we think will happen if I use this nice lacy edging along the bottom of the whole sweater?? If it were wool, I would have some hope of blocking it to not curl, but with cotton, I dunno. So, I'm wondering about putting a ruffle on the bottom and then starting the lace. Or just ribbing, and then a vertical line of the lace up the fronts. I'm joining it all in a yoke and making raglans -- this will keep me from that not-sewing-together disease.

It will be for my daughter, seen below with the next project!

We sorted all the yarn into dark and light -- but she had her own ideas and did some other sorting, too! It's quite enough for an adult sweater, don't you think?

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