Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quick note for my loyal readers!

Things have been happening here, but I've not been able to update because my husband has been cycling off each morning to a conference here in town, taking the one and only computer with him. So now it's 7:30 am and I can quickly post this before even getting a cup of coffee....

We are planning a trip to Mull next week. It's a little island off the west coast of Scotland famed for rugged scenery and moss and rocks and the sea and wind and probably sea birds. Maybe for other stuff too, but we'll find out. Stephen will be going to Staffa for a day, which is a tiny island nearby with cool rocks he wants to look at. I hear the sheep of Mull produce coarse wool, used for rugs, but I'm sure that somewhere on our journey I'll find some nice wool! It's very hard to find accommodation for 4 people at short notice in the middle of August, but we found a great sounding place on Mull -- will give you more info later.

I have progressed very slowly on the pink cardigan. 207 stitches in a row, 1x1 rib, tiny needles, 2 kids clamouring for me to do something. So, very slowly! Yesterday I rediscovered the wonders of playdough. The kids will sit quietly for ages, squishing and squashing, and sharing their rolling pins and cutters. It's miraculous, really.

Must go get coffee.

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  1. that would be "Mull of Kintyre" as in the old song?!


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